Single use wipes for longer lasting sex

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Free 12 Pack Of Wipes
Free 12 Pack Of Wipes
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Go hard all night long and last longer in bed with an easy-to-apply wipe.

How it works

Just apply the wipe to the most sensitive parts of your penis, wait five minutes to dry and you’re ready to go.

After wiping the penis you will be able to last 2-3 times longer before cumming. Now dudes, who wouldn’t want to last longer and please their girl? The 4% benzocaine in the wipe reduces overstimulation without eliminating sensation altogether, improving your endurance.

To ensure the maximum effect, continue wiping until the tissue is dry (the more you apply the greater the effect). Squeeze the towel at the end to ensure all the contents are applied.  The wipes contain benzocaine, which decreases penis sensitivity to allow for extended playtime, which in turn can maximize performance and partner satisfaction. The individually-wrapped wipes are pocket-sized, easy to take on the go.

Features single use disposable wipes for easy application.

Maximize performance and partner satisfaction. Delay the on set of orgasm. Infused with natural Yohimbe, a traditional performance extender.

Our wipes have been tested on multiple skin types and our all natural plant extracts leave no reaction.



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