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Kozy Fleece Tights

Kozy Fleece Tights

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Look gorgeous. Feel warm. No Matter how cold it is!

Our premium tights look like your normal sheer tights but they are lined with warm Alpine Fleece. They keep you extremely warm in cold temperatures and feel so cozy warm on your skin!
Cloudy Winter Tights – Gleamey
Why You Need Kozy NYC Tights?

Stay comfortable and warm when its cold outside
They look transparent, but they are not
Designed to be run, tear and holes resistant
Extremely stretchy material to all sizes

One Size Fits All

Our ultra-stretchy design adapts to almost any body size.

You will look so elegant in these tights with all your dresses, skirts, boots or high heels. The high-quality fleece inside keeps you comfy and warm in low temperatures.

Shaping & Slimming.

Kozy NYC designer tights show off your leg's shape and highlights your curves by slimming your tummy. The extremely stretchy material  adds the shaping you need for that athletic and rounded appearance. Don't miss out! 


Always Cozy and Functional....

Our fabric provides stretch and flexibility for your active lifestyle. Look great, feel comfy warm and be ready for anything! You need these in your wardrobe!
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